Friday, November 24, 2017


Saturday Leftover Day.

Currently I am working on a Dutch language book about the Dutch comics weekly Eppo. It is the follow up to my (successful) book about the Dutch weekly Pep, which preceeded it. In it, I will also have to cover the period leading up to it, which includes yet another weekly called Sjors (in fact Sjors and Pep were put together to create Eppo). In the last year of Eppo they were experimenting a bit more. Sjors #40 from 1974 was changed into a kids horror special, using several of the regular artists. Jan van Haasteren was doing a lot of work for Pep and Sjors and would go on to create a new series for Eppo. Van Haasteren is a very funny artist, who went on to create a world wide succes with his puzzle work.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Cleaning Up

Wednesday Advertising Day. Over the years I have seen many of thee Gillette ads, sometimes in magazine as well. They laways seem to have been done by the same (dull) artist. I would say it could be by Wexler, but he was actually a much more exciting artist than this. So I have no clue.

Boobs Of Different Fathers

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

I usually do not collect older newspaper strips. There are plenty of other folk who do that. But when I come across some, I am not above scanning them. Here are two pages of Rube Goldberg's Boob McNutt and one Bringing Up Father, all from the early twenties.

Questionable Material

Monday Cartoon Day.

In my quest to show every available Mort Walker cartoon, here is one of the few assignment he ever did. As far as I can tell he only did one piece for American Legion and two for Martin Goodman's Brief. These last two were done when he had in fact already stopped making new cartoons and they weren't inventory, because 1. they were made to order for articles and b. the magazine, Brief, did not start until 1954. So how they came about is unknown. I should have asked Mort when I saw him.

You Rang?

Sunday Robinson Reperations

Since I am running low on new Mort Meskin material, I started looking at replacements for my Sundays when I came across this delightfull series by Mort Meskin's soon to be partner Jerry Robinson. At the same time he was doing his own Batman stories (some of which I will show later) he was allowed to do his own series of four pagers about Bruce Wayne's butler, Alfred. It's a nice baseline for Robinson's own style - which wasn't to shabby. Because DC only collects the big heroes, gems like these remain unreprinted.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Copyright Liberation

Saturday Leftover Day.

I came across this nice bit of Toth. Too bad DC is sitting on these gems.

Man Oh Man

Friday Comic Book Day.

In the second week of December Alter Ego #150 will be available in shops and as a download from the website of it's publisher Twomorrows. It's a special issue celebrating the 95th birthday of Stan Lee. Not only does it have a new and rare interview with The Man himself, there is also a huge article by me about Stan's efforts to get out of comics between 1956 and 1962. It is based in part on his correspondence with his agent Toni Mendez, which has been at Ohio State University for about thirty years. I could not use any actual quotes from many of the correspondence, but I paraphrased averything that was important. And Stan himself gave us permission to use his own letters, as well as a report hij wife Joan did for his newspaper strip Mrs. Lyons' Cubs. The history of that strip, as well as Willie Lumpkin is described in the article, with many new art samples from various different sources. There are also samples of newspaper strips that did not make it, including the synopsis of a soap opera strip Stan tried to do with Vince Colletta. And to top it all, I found an unknown selfpublished book at yet another university.

Stan's partner in Mrs. Lyons' Cubs was Joe Maneely, who like Stan was trying to find new jobs when all around them the comic industry seemed to collapse. Here is one of the few stories Joe Maneely did for DC, not long before he accidentally fell of a commuter train between New York and Philadelphia and died far to young. Stan tried to continue Mrs. Lyons with Al Hartley, but that never really got off the ground.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Space Drifter

Thursday Story Strip Day.

I collected some of Tom Cooke's early sixties space exploration strip Drift Marlo, but never enough to see if the story is worth anything.

Tell Them Pat Sent You

Wednesday Advertising Day.

Over the years I have shown various comic strip ads from the Sunday papers by Lou Fine. I realy like his slick style and it works very well with adventurous strips such as the Sam Spade/Charlie Wild series for Wildroot. But he also had a lighter side, which shows ncely in the less traditional Going To Town series. I am not quite sure what it advertises, supposedly by House Beautiful Magazine columnist Pat Guinan, altough I could never find proof of that. In fact it is a collection of small ads in the disguise of buying tips'. On eof the most frequent items advertosed is The American Weekly and apart from that I see a lot of Proctor and Gamble products. The attraction of these ads to me is the fatc that Lou Fine was asked to draw many different vignettes for them. The color samples I scanned this week all came from the back of another strip and were cut in such a way that I had to drop two panels to make them look a bit more attractive. In the black and white samples you can see the original format.