Monday, August 21, 2017

Boner Alert

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

One of the main reasons I like the early years of Beetle Bailey so much (especially 1956 to 1962) is because around the middle of the sixties it seems as if the strip became more realistic and less silly. Probably a good decision, because from that point onward it became a huge worldwide success. But I always felt something missing, especially in the cartooning element of the strip. In the late sixties, Mort Walker found another outlet for that side of his character. Boner's Ark probably is his silliest and most charming strip. The first few years, Mort did everything by himself, writing the jokes with his regular team and pencilling and inking the gags. After a while, Frank Johnson took over the inking and from 1973 or so he took over the strip by himself. I was still a good strip, but nowhere near as magical as it was in those first five years. When I was at Mort's place we discussed the fact that it had been optioned for movie and television but never actually made. One of the largest hurdles these these actually is the title. A boner used to mean the same thing we now call a blooper. A strip about a lonely sailor at sea with a boat full of animals called Boner's Ark, is not acceptable anymore. I suggested they use the title the strip had in Holland: The Ark of Captain Zoo.

Momma's Daddy

Monday Cartoon Day.

Like many artists of his generation, Mel Lazerus started out doing cartoons. Not as simplified as they later would become, but still pretty stylized.

Ragdoll Revenge

Sunday Meskin Measures.

Black Magic #13. Having seen Mort Meskin artwork from this period where he really tightened up the inking, I find this a but too loose for my taste. But there is some pretty artwork underneath.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Another Mess

Saturday Leftover Day.

When I was in San Diego, I was quite succesful at making contacts to sell some of my own Dutch strip series to American publishers. So succecful even, that I didn't have time to get out another Dutch strip, i had prepared earlier. Elliot Mess is my own translation of an older Dutch strip by Hanco Kolk. Orginally started with Peter de Wit for the Dutch weekly Eppo, he continued the strip on his own for many years and for various magazines. It is a spoof on the old 'whodunnit' concept, although many of the detective puzzles actually make sense (as well as being quite satirical). I think the strip (which has many samples availabe) would be perfect for any magazine or anthology. Hanco's modern Hirschfeld-influenced style works a treat and the whole thing holds up really well.

Pre Post

Friday Comic Book Day.

The great Howie Post started out as a Walt Kelly impersonator. For the Wonderland series from Prize, he imitated Pogo's dady as best as he could, with his own series of fairy tale inspired adventures (which, as we can see from the first, may not have been written by himself). I have collected all of these stories here. The nice thing about it, is that you can see his style and selfassurance grow from issue to issue. In the fifties he would do far less of this kind of work and Seeing his output here, I am not even sure where he spent most of his time. I do know he did some mad imitation work, some of which can be seen in my new book behaving Madly, which is out now and can be bought by using the link on the right.